How to Pack for a Move in One Day?

26 Jul 2022

Packing to move doesn’t have to take weeks. Most people live busy lives and find it difficult to make any time for tasks at home. Or maybe you are just an extreme procrastinator, or the stressful nature of packing keeps you from even wanting to start. It’s easy to get in your head and panic about it all, but if you change your mindset and realize there are methods to pack your home in a time-effective way the job will get done productively. With the right preparation methods, you can pack your home in one day. If you are wondering what the quickest way to pack for a move is, keep reading.

First things first, packing supplies. You can’t start without the necessary supplies so make sure you have picked up everything you need. Some of the stuff you will have lying around your house.

The essential packing equipment consists of:

  • An assortment of different sized boxes (small, medium, large, wardrobe boxes)
  • Bubble wrap (towels/blankets/old newspaper can also be used)
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Other helping hands

Now that you have everything you need for packing, make sure to wake up bright and early to tackle the fastest packing job in these steps below.

How to Get it Done?

Create a List

Start by going around your house and making notes of everything you need to pack and everything you don’t need to pack. When moving, lots of times you end up with an abundance of items in the donate pile, so don’t waste any time packing away items you don’t want anymore. Make a note of the bigger furniture you no longer want as well before moving heavy couches and chairs around and wasting your energy. This list will come in handy if you want

to pack your home in the fastest way possible.

Start With Decor

If you are able to pack up your delicate artwork and other big decorative pieces beforehand that is ideal. These are things you won’t need in the weeks leading up to packing day and take the longest since they are fragile items. If you have a lot of art and pictures on your walls, start with those.

Pack Each Room Separately

Now that you have your delicate art pieces packed away, divide up the packing job into rooms. When packing, people tend to get stressed out easily because there are so many things to organize all over the place. To prevent the task from seeming more daunting than it already is, break your house up into sections. By tackling each room separately, you are not only saving yourself a headache but saving time when packing and unpacking your home. Breaking up big projects like this into sections helps tremendously. Start in one room and pack everything up in there before moving on. Starting with your kitchen is the best idea since it consists of big appliances as well as lots of fragile dishes and utensils. It also helps to pack away appliances you know you won’t use the week or so before. Pack lighter items, like clothes, in larger boxes and heavier items, like books, in smaller boxes. Be sure to label what is going on in each box to help you in the long run. You can also use trash bags for your blankets, pillows, and clothes to make things easier. If you leave your clothes on hangers and place them in trash bags with the hangers sticking out it will be a breeze to unpack your clothing.

Label and Pack Correctly

When packing in a rush, people will start to get lazy and start throwing things in a box without the proper packing technique. Even if you want to get the job done as fast as you can, by staying neat and organized you will be helping your future self tremendously. This will keep your home organized even in the packing process and keep yourself from worrying about your items getting damaged. Labeling your boxes is very important. Consider labeling the boxes on multiple sides as well to reduce packing and unpacking time and help you easily locate specific items.

Donate While You Pack

Always keep a donation bag handy when packing up a room. You never know the items you’ll reveal that you forgot about and don’t need when packing up your house. You will most likely have things you want to donate from every room.

Use Your Own Bags

Take advantage of empty space and use your suitcases and other bags to pack your things. This is an efficient way to use what you have and avoid big bags and suitcases from taking up lots of space when moving.

Stack Boxes

When packing with limited time it is easy to freak yourself out when you are surrounded by dozens of boxes and no space. Stack your boxes as you go by labels to stay organized and less stressed in the process. This will also allow you to see the labels on every box and know how to stack them in the moving truck.

Whatever the reason, procrastination or limited free time, knowing how to pack your home in one day can be extremely helpful. Although it may seem impossible, as long as you have the right mindset, some help from friends or family, organization methods, and moving tips up your sleeve, you have the ability to pack for a move in one day!

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