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Whether you need seasonal storage, storage between moves, or long-term or permanent storage, we can accommodate your needs.

Ray the Mover has state-of-the-art storage facilities to accommodate any household storage services you may require. Our storage facilities are alarm-monitored and climate-controlled so you can be sure that your belongings will be kept safe and in the same condition they arrived in.

Temporary Storage

Temporary storage is a storage solution for those that only need storage for a short period of time. There are plenty of occasions in which somebody might need temporary storage which include:

  • Seasonal storage for outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, or tools.
  • In-between house storage if you have moved and are still house hunting
  • You are temporarily moving in with a relative with limited space: such as moving back home after college or moving in to take care of a loved one in need
  • You have downsized and need time to organize and sell the belongings that you are not keeping
  • After cleaning out a parent or grandparent’s home when they move to a retirement or elderly facility

Permanent Storage

If you need a long-term storage solution Ray the Mover can help. Our private containers are perfect for any long-term storage needs. Some occasions in which long-term storage may be needed include:

  • You have a large estate and need more space for your furniture
  • You have a lot of music equipment, antiques, or collectibles of some kind
  • You need to move overseas for work and don’t have use for your belongings until you return in old age

Whatever your reason for needing household storage, Ray the Mover can be of service. Give us a call at 1-800-321-7170 to inquire about our services and rates.



You can store a wide range of household items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and personal belongings. However, items such as hazardous materials, perishable goods, and flammable substances are prohibited.

Our storage facilities are equipped with advanced security measures, including perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, and personalized locks on each unit to ensure the safety of your belongings.

We offer a variety of unit sizes to meet different storage needs, ranging from small lockers to large units that can accommodate the contents of an entire home.

The cost of renting a storage unit depends on the size of the unit and the duration of the rental. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.

Access hours vary by location, but most facilities offer convenient access times, often from early morning until late evening.

Use sturdy boxes, label them clearly, and protect fragile items with bubble wrap or packing paper. Make sure heavy items are placed at the bottom of boxes.

Rental agreements outline the terms and conditions of the storage rental, including duration, costs, and policies. Most contracts are on a month-to-month basis, offering flexibility.

Yes, we offer climate-controlled storage units to protect sensitive items such as electronics, antiques, and documents from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Our facilities are regularly inspected and treated for pests to ensure a clean and safe environment for your belongings.

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your storage unit size based on your changing needs. Simply contact our office to make the necessary arrangements.

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