Testimonial – 327

09 Jul 2020

Dear Ken,
First and foremost, on behalf of The Home Insurance Company and ACA Assurance, I wish to offer my THANKS and APPRECIATION to you and the entire organization for your involvement in relocating the above two captioned companies.
Allow me to go back to 1993 when the folks at Ray the Mover were one of six companies that provided a bid to move The Home Insurance Company from our location at 3000 Goffs Falls Road to the Millyard at 286 Commercial Street. Even back then, Ray the Mover was competitive in their pricing and proved to be PROFESSIONALS in the business.
Fifteen years later and The Home Insurance Company was on the move again. This time and without hesitation on our part we called upon Ray the Mover to assist us in moving to a new location. Remembering back to August of 1993 when your company moved our entire operation of over 300 people in one day in what was the smoothest transition that I was involved in, we decided not to bid out the move this time around and just go with the BEST!
When you and I met back in May to discuss the pre issues of the move, I was already confident of our choice to go with Ray the Movers without bidding out the job. After our meeting that day and subsequent follow up meeting when you and Matt Allard returned a few days later, your reassurance to me that I could count on Ray the Mover to accommodate our move was the icing on the cake.
Where this particular move was going to have to be done in three phases, there was a little planning that had to be done to make this work. As you recall, on Thursday, which was a very long day, your guys loaded up the trucks with everything at the 286 Commercial Street location that was to be delivered during the day, and also what was to be held in your trucks until Saturday. On Saturday morning, your guys delivered all the remaining furniture for the office along with hundreds of boxes. On both days, everything went like clockwork.
As it worked out, the State of NH was buying a lot of our left over furniture for the courts and we encouraged them to go with Ray the Movers which they did. Their move was almost at a moments notice and you folks came through for them too.

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