2023 Year in Review: Most Popular States to Move to

28 Dec 2023

As the year 2023 comes to a close, it’s a good time to look back on how people in the United States moved, and where they moved to. Whether looking for more affordable housing, moving for work, better living conditions, or just a change of scenery, these trends can help people not only see which states are becoming more popular but also to get some ideas for their own future move.  This year in review will go into detail about the most popular states that have seen a lot of newcomers, making them the best places to move

  • Texas: Individuals and families alike continue to be drawn to Texas, the Lone Star State. With a strong economy, a wide range of jobs, and no state income tax, Texas is the best choice. Tech hubs like Austin and Houston attract professionals looking to advance their careers in businesses that will be successful in the future.
  • Florida: Though Florida is famous for its beaches and beautiful weather, it has a lot more to offer. Residents want to live in the state because it has strong job markets and rules that are easy on taxes. Residents of many different countries are drawn to the state by Miami’s international flair and Orlando’s family-friendly vibe.
  • North Carolina: North Carolina has made a name for itself as a tech-friendly state that still has a Southern feel. Cities like Raleigh and Charlotte are great for people who want to work in technology and live in a laid-back way. People looking for a balanced life are drawn to the state’s low cost of living and varied scenery.
  • South Carolina: South Carolina is becoming more popular with people who want to live a more relaxed life. It is known for its southern charm and beautiful coastline. Cities like Greenville and Charleston have both old-fashioned charm and modern conveniences. People want to move to the state because it is affordable and has a lot of different cultures.
  • Colorado: Colorado is a great place to live if you like both city life and being outside. Rockies in the background make cities like Denver and Boulder special places to live. For people who care about the environment, the state’s commitment to sustainability and focus on a good work-life balance makes it a great place to live.
  • Tennessee: Tennessee is known for its country music hub and music scene in Nashville, but the state is very diverse in terms of culture and landscape. Artists, workers, and people who love nature are all drawn to the Great Smoky Mountains for their beautiful scenery. With a variety of large cities like Nashville and Knoxville, as well as a plethora of small, community-oriented towns, this state has a lifestyle suited to everyone.
  • Georgia: Many people want to move to Georgia because it is a friendly southern state with a lot of history and a growing economy. Atlanta is the main city of Georgia and a major business center that attracts people from many industries. Outside of its Atlanta hub, the many smaller cities and towns of Georgia are affordable and each has its own unique cultural scenes to enjoy.
  • Washington: Tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft are based in Washington, especially its largest city of Seattle. This city is an epicentre for those in tech industries and those looking to get their startup onto the scene. Aside from the busy city life of Seattle, the state has beautiful forests and lots of things to do outside, as well as many affordable towns to enjoy with their own unique charms. People want to go to Washington because it has a good mix of job prospects and natural beauty.
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshire is becoming more popular as a place to move because of its beautiful scenery and growing economy. The state is appealing because it cares about schooling and has a low crime rate. People who want to make a change can find peace and prosperity in cities like Concord and Manchester.
  • Oregon: Oregon stands out as a top choice for people who want to live in the Pacific Northwest. In cities like Portland, you can live in a modern apartment building while still being close to nature. The state’s focus on local businesses and dedication to sustainability make it appealing to people who want to live in a community that is both environmentally conscious and culturally eclectic.

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