Best Snowbird Locations in Florida

27 Jan 2023

Looking for a warm weather escape during this chilling winter, or maybe looking for a permanent area with mild weather to move to follow the winter temperatures that have come with living in the northeast or Midwest? Florida and its mild year-round weather could be just what you’re looking for – but where in this large state is the right place for you?

Whether looking for a second home to move to for the future winter months or a place to permanently put down roots, finding the right snowbird destination for you in Florida will make all the difference in your happiness (and warmth!) in the area. So what’s the right place for you to settle down for the winter? We’ve outlined the best Florida snowbird destinations for you to warm up during the colder months.

What is a Snowbird Destination?

If you’re already in the market for a place to call home during the winter as an escape from your current home in colder climates, odds are you might have already heard of the term ‘snowbird destination’ before. If you haven’t however, it’s understandable that you might be a little lost with the terminology.

So, what is a snowbird destination? A snowbird destination is a place in warmer climates, especially in areas of Florida, where residents in northern states or those in colder climates head during the winter months to escape cold temperatures. ‘Snowbirds’ typically spend at least 3-6 months out of the year in their snowbird destination locations to escape cold temperatures.

What are the Top Florida Snowbird Destinations?

Now that we’ve established what a snowbird destination is, let’s get into what the biggest destinations in Florida are for those looking for warmer weather and an escape from the snowy north.

  1. Fort Myers, FL: This location is very popular amongst snowbirds for its beautiful beaches, fishing opportunities, and plentiful outlets for shopping. Fort Myers is located on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River and offers plentiful waterfront views to relax and watch the sunset.
  2. Bradenton: As one of the most historical places in Florida, Bradenton provides residents and snowbirds alike with beautiful views and warm temperatures all year long. Located along the gulf, this community offers a short walk to the water, allowing you to enjoy beautiful beaches and greenery.
  3. Naples: Along the Gulf Coast lies the very popular city of Naples, FL, which features beautiful white sand beaches, a great brewery scene, and plenty of opportunities for high-end shopping. Rated as a top-10 place to live in the entire country by US News, Naples’ beaches, wildlife preserves, and more will make you never want to leave.
  4. Sarasota: Sarasota, FL is an artistic, eclectic area that features art galleries, theaters, museums, operas, ballets, and even more. Its access to the ocean and year-round warm weather also makes it a particular favorite amongst those from all backgrounds and interests.
  5. Destin:Destin, FL is a hotspot for both those looking to put down roots and those looking for a resort-style getaway for the winter months. Full of beautiful beaches and tons of amazing fishing spots, this laid-back, gulf-front area will let you spend your winter in comfort.

How to Move to Florida?

Now that we’ve covered the biggest snowbird destinations in Florida, the question remains of how to actually get to these areas. If you’re interested in moving to Florida during the traditionally colder months or want to put down permanent roots in the area, have a moving company on your side who knows the area and the best routes to take from northern states down into Florida.

When looking to move to Florida, you should always take advantage of the ‘Florida Express’ moving package offered by Ray the Mover. This package allows you to benefit from moving down one of our most popular routes. Scheduling with this program under Ray the Mover lets you move swiftly and without hassle, giving you the most flexibility and best rates for your household.

Moving from the north to Florida can often be a tough process with a lot of different moving companies, but with Ray the Mover, you can save money and be moved safely and efficiently to the warmer climate you want easily. See what the Florida Express package and the experts at Ray the Mover can do for you and your family today. Learn more about the program today.

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