Best Towns in New Hampshire for Outdoor Lovers

14 Apr 2023

New Hampshire is well-famous for its natural beauty of mountains, lakes, and forests. The natural environment may be enjoyed in this state on a wide variety of occasions. Everybody can enjoy their outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking in the summer and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter in this state. If you’re a naturalist who’s moving to this state, choose a town in New Hampshire that provides easy access to the things you want to accomplish in the great outdoors.  

In this blog, we discussed the list of the best towns in New Hampshire for those who love outdoor activities. We’ll go through the best locations for hiking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities so you can choose the perfect town. 

  1. Hanover: A little town called Hanover can be found in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley. Dartmouth College is located there, so there are a lot of cultural events and activities nearby. Yet Hanover’s accessibility to outdoor leisure is what really sets it apart. The town is flanked by the Connecticut River, which is ideal for kayaking and fishing, and the White Mountains, which provide hiking and skiing options.
  2. Portsmouth: Portsmouth is the town for you if you’re seeking a coastal community that provides both history and outdoor activities. The Strawbery Banke Museum and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard are only two of the historic locations in this town on the Piscataqua River. But Portsmouth is also an excellent location for nature enthusiasts since the surrounding Great Bay Wildlife Refuge offers kayaking, fishing, and hiking options. 
  3. Manchester: Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire, might not seem like the logical destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Nonetheless, this community is really close to some of the top hiking and skiing destinations in the state, such as the Pats Peak Ski Resort and the Uncanoonuc Mountains. Moreover, Ray The Mover, a New Hampshire moving business that may assist you in simply and swiftly settling into your new home, is based in Manchester. 
  4. Conway: The little town of Conway is situated in the center of the White Mountains. There are trails for hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling in this region, which is renowned for its picturesque splendor. Conway also has access to the Saco River, which offers kayaking and fishing options. Conway is the ideal option if you’re seeking a small town with access to outdoor sports. 
  5. Hanover: Hanover is a fantastic alternative for those who enjoy the outdoors. This town has access to numerous lakes, including Lake Winnipesaukee and Squam Lake, and is situated in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. The nearby mountains provide chances for trekking and skiing, while the lakes are ideal for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. 
  6. Keene: The lovely town of Keene is situated in western New Hampshire. It is renowned for having a lovely downtown area with many independent stores and eateries. Keene is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts as well, as there are several state parks and woods nearby. For instance, Pisgah State Park, a short distance from Keene, provides camping, hiking, and fishing activities. 
  7. Conway, North: Outdoor enthusiasts frequently go to North Conway, and for good reason. There are multiple ski resorts in this town, including Cranmore Mountain Resort and Attitash Mountain Resort, which are situated in the White Mountains. Yet, North Conway is also a fantastic spot for hiking, with routes like the Cathedral Ledge Path and the Diana’s Baths Trail providing breathtaking vistas of the nearby mountains. 
  8. Concord: The capital of New Hampshire is Concord, which is in the middle of the state. It is home to the New Hampshire State House and the Canterbury Shaker Village, both of which are historic locations. So far, the parks and forests close to Concord make it a wonderful area for nature enthusiasts to go hiking, riding, and fishing. The Merrimack River also goes through Concord, providing people the chance to fish and kayak on it. 

With so many communities providing access to the great outdoors, New Hampshire is definitely a paradise for outdoor lovers. There is a town for everyone, whether your activities include hiking, skiing, fishing, or simply enjoying the state’s natural majesty. 

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