How Moving Companies Ensure the Safety of Goods of Customers in Residential Moving?

01 Dec 2020

A reputable and trustworthy residential moving company will do everything in its power to secure your belongings. Part of the reason why residential movers get hired is to make the moving process easier and safer. Once you’ve completed all the hard work of finding a Manchester moving company that fits your needs, you should have no further worry about the moving day.

You may find yourself wondering, however, what types of precautions moving services take with your precious cargo. Ray, the Mover, your trusted moving company in Manchester, will do everything in its power to make sure you feel like part of the family. In this blog post, we are discussing how moving companies ensure the safety of goods of customers in residential moving.

How Moving Companies Deal With Customer Goods

Packing Paper

Part of the packing service, if requested, is the years of packing expertise. Packing paper is an essential part of the moving process, as anyone who’s moved can attest to, but it’s hard to know exactly how much, which means you’ll run out before you get to the end. Either you’ll use too much or too little in certain places, leaving your items vulnerable.

Residential movers who hold years of professional experience will always come prepared with the right amount, so your valuables are correctly packed for the trip. Aside from giving your items a protective layer, your packers will also know the box they get stored in is just as important.

All Sorts of Wraps

From plastic to bubble wrap, movers in Manchester come equipped with everything you need to complete a safe move. With plastic wrap’s ability to stick to itself, it quickly becomes the safest and easiest to secure the moving process, such as by holding blankets in place, bundling items, securing cords, and much more.

Residential movers also come equipped with lots of bubble wrap, a must when it comes to moving any fragile item. Securing your wine glasses or the inside of boxes, a residential moving company knows exactly how best to use the air-filled bubbles.

Moving Blankets

Residential moving services, such as those through Ray the Mover, means lots of blue blankets. The signature blankets are thick and versatile and help protect your furniture and your home during the move. Professional movers will use the blankets with their large coverage area to protect various furnishings and appliances.

Specialty Materials

Besides hiring them for their expertise, residential movers will have access to all sorts of specialty items needed to move your belongings safely. Packers will come equipped with various boxes such as wardrobe boxes, picture and mirror boxes, and dish boxes. Each has a specific feature that makes them perfect for their purpose while ensuring each item’s safety.

Movers will also come with dollies designed based on what item will be moved. Movers show up with appliance and furniture dollies, each designed to move a large piece of your home efficiently since there will be no need to carry items by hand for longer distances. Moving dollies also protect the home with their rubber wheels, so no matter the type of flooring, there will not be a scratch left behind.

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