How to Prepare Your Business for an Office Relocation?

23 Aug 2022

Since so many businesses and offices have changed the way their workplaces work since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamic of a lot of workspaces, many have been looking into office relocation services to move them successfully to a new space that better services their current needs. After all, a lot of office workers now work in hybrid or permanent work-from-home setups that don’t require them to come into the office. For this reason, a lot of offices have opted to downsize their spaces or to move to new ones that are more attuned to their workplace dynamics.

Due to this change in office schedules and setups, a lot of offices are looking to better accommodate their needs, and are looking for office relocation companies to bring them to better spaces. Whether your office is looking just to move, or to downsize or change buildings to create a new work environment for your in-office employees, there’s no better time than now to start fresh and change up your workplace setups.

When looking to switch up your office setup and make an office relocation, you should always have the right office relocation services ready to go to ensure your move goes smoothly, follow the right strategy, and give yourself enough time to properly coordinate an office move so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared the best office relocation checklist so that you can be confident in your move and are ready to go for moving day.

How to Find the Right Office Relocation Company?

Before we get into our complete office moving checklist, let’s make sure that you have the right moving company on your side to help pull off your move. After all, even if you prepare properly and give yourself plenty of time to get ready for your office’s move, having the wrong company or one that doesn’t provide the right services for your needs can complete throw off your entire process, or result in you getting overcharged or your items being damaged – and nobody wants that!

When looking for the right office movers or commercial moving company, always look for a company that specializes in moves of this type or scale, and ensure that you’re working with a reputable company that has a lot of experience in office moving. Working with a company that isn’t experienced in these types of moves can disrupt your whole process, and be more of a hindrance than a help for a move of this size.

Always make sure to check out customer reviews for the company you’re looking to work with as well to ensure that they’ve not only provided successful and smooth moving services that are professional in nature and efficient but that they have the best pricing and give the best customer service experience to their customers as well.

The best way to make sure you’re working with the best professional office movers is by working with Ray the Mover for all of your office relocation needs. With many decades of experience in the relocation industry and in working with office relocations, in particular, we’ll give you the best moving experience possible for yourself and your employees.

How to Prepare for an Office Move?

Before taking on an office move, you should always make sure you’re properly prepared to do so, and that you’ve made sure to go over your current lease to make sure you can get back your security deposit. Additionally, if you’re thinking of breaking your office’s lease, go back over the terms of your current agreement to make sure it’s worth it to do so and to avoid forfeiting your deposit or being penalized legally or financially in some way.

After following these steps, finding a new location for your office, informing your employees as to the transition, and talking over the process with them, it’s time to take on your move. Once done, take the following steps to prepare your office for a relocation:

Find the right moving company

As we alluded to, finding the right office movers to work with can make or break your office’s entire moving experience. When looking for movers, always get multiple quotes and shop around for the right services, pricing, and customer experience. This will let you avoid scams and find the right company for your needs.

Set a budget

Setting a moving budget is essential for getting your move done efficiently and in getting approval from any higher-ups you might need to consult regarding your move. Having a budget will allow you to also avoid overpaying for movers or moving expenses, and will let you set a definitive vision for how you’d like your move to go.

Notify your current landlord

When leaving your current building and space, you should always give your landlord adequate notice to not only stay on good terms but to make sure your leasing terms aren’t jeopardized (especially if looking to break your lease).

If your lease requires you to provide a certain time period for notice, (usually around 30-60 days before moving out), be aware of this and provide this amount of notice or consult your landlord regarding moving out early – and be aware of any possible penalizations for doing so.

Book your movers

Once you’ve provided notice and have found the right movers and established the right budget, it’s time to lock in your professional office movers and fully get the process started.

Start the planning process

After locking in your movers and your moving date, it’s time to begin the planning process! If you’re using Ray the Mover for your relocation, take advantage of our full-service moving offers, including packing services. Having these services will make your entire transition much easier than trying to pack up an entire office by yourself. You should also communicate with your employees and make a checklist to determine how each individual involved will be impacted and how to get them properly prepared for the move.

Notify clients/partners

Let any affiliates or those who need more information regarding your move of the transition, and how any project timelines might be impacted.

Make a plan for move-in

Make a plan for move-in. You should always have a plan ready to go for not just moving out of your current office, but moving into your new one. Having a project manager to do this for you will make your entire process much easier, but if you don’t have that in your budget, think of things like utilities, Wi-Fi, phone installations, and how to keep your office safely squared away and ready for your arrival before moving day.

Preparing your office for relocation of this scale makes all the difference in ensuring the safety of your office’s items, and in ensuring that your and your employees’ moves go smoothly if heading over a distance of shorts.

Planning and having a strategy for packing up and working with your moving company to have the smoothest transition possible will set your office up for success. For all of your office relocation services, see what Ray the Mover can do for you today. We’ll provide you with the best office moving services and will give you the best pricing and overall customer experience.

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