How to Prepare Kids for Long Distance Moving

13 Mar 2022

Long distance moving can be a stressful and arduous process, especially for those with children. There are a lot of extra variables to take into account even when comparing a long distance move with a local move, after all. From the distance between your old and new home, to the size of your move, to finding a mover and getting ready for the relocation, there’s a lot to prepare and plan for. This becomes even more complicated when you take children involved into the mix. 

How do you effectively but sympathetically break the news of your move to your kids, and how do you then start preparing them for the transition? 

How to Tell Your Kids About a Move

Trying to break the news and preparing your kids as gently but efficiently as possible is all you can really do as a parent. Being there for your kids is always the first priority, but sometimes kids just don’t understand the reasoning behind a move, no matter how much you might explain it. There’s no perfect way to break the news, but we’ve got some great tips to soften the blow. 

When telling your kids about a big move, the most important thing you can do is to tell them as far ahead of time as possible. Don’t try to put it off or keep it from them – that will only make it worse! Communicate and keep them in the loop. 

Once you break the news, ask them to write down and let out any questions or concerns they might have about the move itself. Listen and allow them to let out any anger or sadness they might have about the transition. 

Try to remain patient and sympathetic about the whole thing, as to kids, moving can seem like the end of the world. Hear them out and try to be there for them as much as you can, while also making it clear that the move is still happening and that you’ll all have to adjust in your own way. Try to even get excited for the move by researching fun things to do in your new area. 

How to Help Kids with Packing

After telling your kids and working through the news of the move with them, it’s time to start decluttering and packing. You’ll also want to start this as early as possible so you’re all prepared. 

If they’re comfortable with letting you help them go through their things and pack, try to help them declutter, sort and organize their items to figure out what they want to get rid of and what they want to bring along. 

Moving with Kids

Once packed up and ready to go, make sure you have the right movers (aka Ray the Mover!) on your side to make your long distance moving experience smooth and easy – even with kids along for the ride!

If you’re driving out to your new location, have the car stocked with activities, movies, drinks, and snacks to keep everyone happy. Take rest stops often to let everyone stretch their legs , and try to have movies downloaded for everyone to watch. 

You did it! You got everyone to your new place safe and sound, and now can focus on letting your kids (and yourself!) settle into your new home. Make sure to always check in to make sure your kids are adjusting as well as possible and feel good about the transition. 

With a long distance move on the horizon, you want the right movers on your side to take care of everything. Contact Ray the Mover today for complete, full-service long distance moving services. 

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