Moving this Summer? How to Make it Successful

22 May 2022

When it comes to planning a summer move, it’s important to not only start early but to be proactive in your process so you’re well prepared for the coming moving day. With the peak of summer moving season approaching, it’s even more important to start deciding not only whether or not you’re moving, but what you’d like your moving plan to be. 

As the weather warms up more and more, it means it’s almost time for leases to end, for college semesters to draw to a close, and for many to look for new housing options. However, though the weather is temperate and you’ll have more hours of daylight at your disposal than ever to conduct your move during, doesn’t mean that summer moving is always easy. You’ll need to stay organized, properly plan, and check in with yourself often to make sure your move is going as you’d envisioned.

Looking for the best summer moving tips? Whether you’re moving by yourself or using a professional moving company, we’ve got some great pointers to ensure that your summer move goes smoothly. 

When to Start Planning a Summer Move

Because so many people’s leasing and rental agreements are ending during the summer months, it means that you’ll need to get ahead of the curve in terms of booking your moving company and getting a start on your process. 

Save yourself from falling victim to the pitfalls of last-minute moving by starting the planning process early. Book your movers or moving truck as soon as possible after you decide to move. Ideally, you should look to book your movers at least three weeks in advance, and should try to give yourself at least a month’s notice in booking your company. 

Moving companies get booked up very quickly during the summer, especially for weekends, holidays, and during the first and last days of each summer month. If you want to lock in a moving date that’s ideal for you, you’ll want to try and avoid these dates. This will save you not only having to navigate booking during such a busy time but will also save you the irritation of moving amidst a busy weekend or sitting in traffic with other people moving out of their own homes. 

Start Early on Moving Day

When moving day comes, you’ll want to start as early as possible – whether using your truck or when hiring professional movers. All because you don’t have to deal with the cold, or that you have more daylight at your disposal doesn’t mean you can just start whenever! Summer heat is a very real thing and can throw a wrench into your moving day and process. 

Start early in the morning, or book your movers for as early as possible. This will let you take advantage of the temperate morning air, and get the heavy lifting out of the way before temperatures reach their peak in the middle of the day. 

This will not only let your moving process be more comfortable but will also keep you and your crew safe during the hot season. 

Label Everything!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the packing process is not labeling your items correctly or completely. This leads to disorganization and can cause fragile items to be situated wrongly in your moving truck – and even lead to damage or breakage. No one wants that!

Check-in With Yourself

Come moving day, you may just want to go as fast as possible and try to get everything done at once. However, this can lead you to neglect yourself and your health, especially during incredibly hot summer days. Check-in with yourself, take breaks, and make sure to stay hydrated come moving day. 

Now that you’ve got some great starter tips for your summer move, make sure to book the right professional moving company for your relocation! Ray the Mover is the best moving company for your needs, no matter what they are. See what we can do for you this summer!

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