Moving Tips for Large Items

27 Apr 2022

Getting ready for a move big or small can seem tricky or overwhelming, especially if your home is full of large, awkward, or bulky items. If you at first considered moving by yourself but reconsidered due to the size or bulk of some of the home decor items you have, you’ve made the right choice. Here are some moving tips to consider as you plan.

Keep yourself safe and stress-free by letting Ray the Mover’s professional crew of movers handle your items in a way that will ensure they’ll arrive to your new home and sound. When planning a move like this, always keep in mind that you’ll need an overarching strategy for only moving and packing, but for moving your larger items out of your home and into your new one. 

You’ve already taken a step in the right direction by choosing to research and hire the right professionals to take care of your items. However, there’s still strategy and preparation to be down on your end to make your moving day smooth. 

Large Item Movers Near Me

Whether you’re heading across town or across the entire country, moving large items around isn’t easy, and isn’t for those not experienced in this aspect of moving. That’s why before we jump into the best moving and packing tips for your larger items, let’s touch on how important it is to work with the right movers.

For regular household items and bulky items alike, having full-service moving and packing services that are both affordable and tailored to you is imperative to make sure you’re receiving the best service and to keep your items and furniture alike safe and sound. 

When you work with Ray the Mover for your local, long-distance, or international move, you’ll get just that – the best service experience and best pricing possible for any of your moving needs. 

How to Move Large or Heavier Items for a Move

If you have the right professional movers on your side for your move, relocating with bulky items shouldn’t cause you to lift a finger! Reputable moving companies should always have all of the equipment to move or transport large or bulky items with ease. 

When looking to book your movers, make sure your representative is aware of any items that might be considered especially awkward or bulky so that your crew can come prepared, and so that you don’t get any surprise charges. 

To prepare your large furniture for your movers’ arrival, follow these handy tips to get them ready for a safe journey:

To keep large furniture as safe as possible, you’ll want to: 

  • Remove legs from all tables, chairs and couches (if possible).
  • Empty drawers and shelves.
  • Separate drawers from larger furniture.
  • Disassemble any furniture that can be separated.
  • Tape screws or other binding tools to the furniture its used in, or put these items in a bag and label them to make sure you know what goes where. Number and label both the bag and each part if you’re able to. 
  • Remove doors from items if needed. 
  •  Clear out your high-traffic areas or areas around your large items to make sure there’s a clear path to bring them out of your old home and into your new one. 
  • Cover floors and handrails in both homes to protect from damage or knicking. 
  • Wrap mattresses and put them in a mattress bag or box prior to your moving crew’s arrival. 

Staying prepared for moving day will make your entire process go smoothly and efficiently, even with large or especially bulky items. Looking for the best local long-distance mover to hand your bulky furniture with ease? Ray the Mover has all of your needs covered and has the experience to relocate your bulky items to your new home with ease. We hope that you have enjoyed these moving tips.

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