Moving to New Hampshire: Complete Guide

07 May 2022

New Hampshire is known to be a beautiful state with plenty to do for city dwellers and nature lovers alike. If you’re pondering a move to New Hampshire soon, but aren’t completely sold, we’ve got some great reasons to consider moving to New Hampshire so you can enjoy this state and everything it has to offer as much as we do. 

See what the locals are talking about when they say New Hampshire is one of the best states to live in in the entire country – explore your options and see if our great state could be great for you too!

Why Move to New Hampshire?

Moving across the country or across the state is no easy feat, so if you’re eyeing a New Hampshire destination for your out-of-state or long-distance move, you’ll want to be excited and secure in your decision so you know you’re making the right choice for you and your family. 

Before we get into the best reasons to move to New Hampshire, however, make sure you also are looking at the right New Hampshire moving companies for your relocation. It can make all the difference between having your items delivered safely and efficiently to your new home, and having to deal with a lot of hassle and possible hardship. Ray the Mover is the best professional New Hampshire mover for your relocation. With over 80 years of experience under our belts, we’ll provide you with the best possible service and prices. Now let’s get into all the reasons to move to New Hampshire!

  • Affordability: New Hampshire is one of the most affordable places to live in the country. Not only are day-to-day living expenses low, but home buying rates are also cheaper than the national average. Around 70% of New Hampshire residents own their homes. Additionally, even home and apartment rental prices in New Hampshire are much lower than the national average.
  • No Income or Sales Tax: One of the biggest draws for people to live in New Hampshire is the lack of taxes there. There is no individual income tax, as well as no sales tax. On top of this lack of tax, residents also enjoy no capital gains tax, nor inventory trade in order to boost trade and investment in the state. This makes everyday living expenses lower than many areas of the country, and also benefits those with high and low incomes alike.
  • Low Crime: As one of the safest states in the country, New Hampshire enjoys not only some of the lowest violent crime rates in the United States but also the lowest property crime rates.
  • Good Quality Education: Just when you thought this state couldn’t get any better, think of the great educational opportunities living in New Hampshire can bring you and your family. This state has the second-best educational system in the country and is also home to plenty of top colleges and universities.
  • Strong Job Market: Last but not least, New Hampshire has one of the best job markets in the country. Major industries in the state include farming, manufacturing, and tourism, which all fund a booming and prosperous economy. The state is also within commuting distance to Boston, which only promises even more job opportunities.

No matter the reason you’re moving to New Hampshire, we know you’ll enjoy this state and everything it has to offer – we certainly do! For your New Hampshire move, use Ray the Mover to have the most positive relocation possible. We’ve got the best services, prices, and over 80 years of successful moves under our belts to provide you with the best possible experience. 

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