Moving Yourself Vs Hiring Movers

11 Dec 2020

Moving is a process fraught with decision after decision, from purchasing the home to relocating all of your belongings. Once you’ve made one of the biggest commitments, where to live next, the next choice is how you’re going to get there. Whether you choose to hire movers, move yourself, get a rental truck, or have friends and family, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

Deciding which is the best choice for you will depend upon a couple of factors such as your budget, distance from your new home, and how much needs to be relocated. A great way to help you decide is to review the pros and cons of hiring movers or doing it yourself.

Moving Yourself – Pros and Cons

Choosing to move without professional movers means the whole process belongs to you, from packing to unpacking and all the steps in between. There are different pros and cons to completing your move.

Pros of Moving Yourself

  • Total Control: One of the first pros to completing a move this way is having total control over the entire process. Only you end up packing your items, which gives you the ability to make sure your belongings are packed away up to your standards. You also get to choose the truck and day as well as any other potential people who help you load and unload your things.
  • Money-Saving: This type of move is perfect for someone who is on a tight budget. Hiring a moving company could potentially cost hundreds of dollars where the small things add up. Renting a truck, especially for a short-distance move, could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • No Need for Perfection: When working with movers, they want you to pack your items a certain way if you don’t also purchase the packing portion of their services. This means all of the boxes have to be nice and tidy, closed and taped, and best if labeled. If you’re moving without movers, you can pack any way you want, including using bags and last-minute throwing boxes together.

Cons of Moving Yourself

  • Heavy: Without hiring a moving company, you will completely rely on yourself, and maybe friends or family, to move all of your belongings. Furniture and boxes full of items from your home could mean lots of heavy lifting, over and over again. Even with the help of a friend or two, the process will require lots of lifting.
  • Planning: Without movers, you will have to plan the entire move on your own, from packing to renting a truck to orchestrating the moving day. It will be up to you to make sure all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together the way they should so that your important moving day goes off without a hitch.

Hiring Movers – Pros and Cons

Hiring movers comes with pros and cons, which may sway you to make the decision. Some residential moving may sound too daunting, especially in the case of long-distance moving, and a moving company could be just the solution.

Pros of Hiring Movers

  • Sit Back and Relax: Hiring Manchester movers, professionals who do this for a living, means you can sit back and relax throughout the process. Once you’ve ironed out the date’s details, you don’t need to worry about doing any of the heavy lifting.
  • Efficiency: Local movers trained in helping families relocate complete the process efficiently and reliably. Friends and family may not show up last minute, but a moving company is under contract to show up on the date of your move to relocate you smoothly to your new home.
  • Less Stress: Depending on the services you purchase through the moving company, you can sit back and relax as they do all the work. Most residential moving companies have packing and unpacking services as an additional option, proving useful if you have the room in your budget. This way, apart from throwing away or donating items you no longer need, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Cons Of Hiring Movers

  • Little to No Flexibility: Once you’ve signed a contract with a moving company, you are as obligated as they are to get ready to move by a certain day. There may be little to no room if you have an emergency around the date you are trying to move that may cause it to get postponed.
  • Budget: Hiring local movers may put a strain on your budget, especially after you’ve spent money finding your new home. Though they may not cost as much as you imagine, they can cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Which is the Better Choice?

The decision on which is the right choice is completely up to you and your family. Budget and time are both important factors that could sway your decision one way or another. If you like the flexibility and moving saving options, moving on by yourself may be the best option, but if you have room in your budget and don’t want to worry about anything, hiring Manchester movers will get you what you want.

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