Top Tips to Manage Moving Stress

03 Apr 2022

If you’re about to start coordinating and organizing a move, at some point you might experience a fair amount of moving-related stress because of everything you have to do. Whether you’re coordinating a local move, long-distance move, or international move, there are a lot of things to take care of, organize, and get ready for – in what often seems to be too short of a time. 

Managing the moving stress that comes with relocating is essential for keeping your head in the game and on schedule, while also letting you breathe a bit easier and not overwhelm yourself. 

Taking time to acknowledge and focus on keeping yourself stress-free and healthy during your moving process should always be your first priority, but it can easily fall to the wayside when you’re in the middle of trying to figure so many things out. However, taking a little at a time and approaching things in a calm manner can help you pull off a manageable and stress-free move. For our top tips for managing moving stress, continue reading. 

How to Choose the Right Movers

Before we discuss how best to manage your moving stress, let’s address one of the biggest factors in your moving process as a whole – choosing the right household movers for the job. Having the right moving company for your moving needs can be make or break when it comes to having a good experience. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved plenty of times in the past, or are currently moving out for the first time, having the right professional moving company at your side during this process will make a huge difference in how much stress you experience during your move, and also in keeping your items safe and delivered to you quickly.

With over 85 years in the relocation business, Ray the Mover knows what it takes to keep your items safe and moved to your effectively and efficiently. When you work with us, we make it our top priority to give you the exact package you need to have a successful, stress-free move.

As a proud agent of Allied Van Lines, we’re also proud to have the resources and expertise behind us to take you and your family’s household items anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world with ease. With Ray the Mover’s expert team, you’ll never have to stress about the efficiency or secureness of your items’ transition, and will be confident in the services you receive. 

Moving with Ease

After choosing the best Manchester movers for your relocation, you’ll want to start getting ready for your move itself, plus anything that might come with it. So how do you manage your moving stress, while also making sure everything is handled efficiently? Let’s get into our best stress-free moving tips. 

  • Make a List & Create a Plan: The first thing you’ll need to do to effectively manage your move is to make an outline or list of things you’ll be handling on your own. If you’re not using our professional packing services, figure out how you want to plan your relocation and packing process so it goes smoothly.
  • Declutter Your Home: There’s no use transporting or moving items you don’t want or need anymore. Clear out your home and donate, sell, or get rid of old items you don’t need anymore. This will make your move easier and less expensive.
  • Make Your Packing Outline: You’re going to want to start packing a bit at a time, as early as possible. Getting the bulk of your packing done gradually will make your entire process easier and less stressful. The best way to make sure this is managed is by making a packing outline to determine what has been done, what needs to be done, and in what amount of time you want to take care of everything in.
  • Convert Utilities: Don’t forget to convert the utilities from your old home to either the new renters or owner’s name, or have them turned off after you leave. Additionally, Transfer the utilities for your new place into your new one before you arrive to make sure they’re good to go as soon as you are. Additionally, make sure to contact your existing utility company to have them turned off at your existing home after you leave or transferred to the new tenant.
  • Pack Day-to-Day Items: While waiting for your items to be delivered to you, you’re going to want to pack the things you’ll need to tide you over in the meantime. Think clothes, toiletries, pet supplies, etc. Having these items on hand will keep you ready to go and happy day to day while you wait for the bulk of your things to arrive.

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