Your 2022 Out of State Moving Checklist

10 Feb 2022

If you are planning on out of state moving in 2022, you might wonder how best to properly prepare yourself and your household for the transition. Carrying out an out-of-state move is a very in-depth process that requires the utmost level of preparation and planning in order to make sure the entire process is done in a way that’s organized and efficient. 

If you put in the proper planning and make sure not to leave things until the last minute, you’ll be setting yourself up to have a straightforward moving experience and a plan of action to make sure things are as stress-free as possible. 

There are a variety of relocation options available to you from Ray the Mover to make sure your moving day is even more successful. If you utilize the dependable and full-service options we offer, you’ll set yourself up for even more success on moving day and make it that much easier to plan and carry out a successful long-distance move.

Your 2022 Out of State Moving Checklist

  • Keep a Budget Set: Make sure to keep a budget so you don’t overspend on moving expenses or a moving truck (if you’re moving by yourself!), and set spending limits to make sure your materials and last-minute expenses don’t break the bank.
  • Keep an Inventory: Figure out what you have, and what sort of condition it’s in. Figure out what you want to bring, and what you might want to get rid of or leave behind.
  • Declutter: After taking an inventory of what you have, it’s time to determine what you don’t need or don’t want. Take things room by room, and organize items into ‘donate’, ‘throw out’, and keep sections.
  • Organize: After eliminating what you don’t want to take with you, organize your remaining items to make packing easy and efficient.
  • Get Packing Materials: Get packing materials from your moving company headquarters or a rental truck company to obtain boxes and other packing materials.You can also ask around businesses or friends for any boxes that you can reuse for your move to save money.
  • Pack Room by Room: Once you have your boxes, start packing nonessential items room by room to keep things organized and straightforward. Make sure to label your boxes and keep delicate items separate.
  • Update Your Address: Make sure your address is updated with the post office, banks, or credit card companies. This is a step easily forgotten but can be very annoying later on.
  • Transfer Utilities: Make sure to transfer any utilities in your new home to your name, and take your name off of the utilities at your old location. Make sure you’re not paying any extra bills!
  • Prepare Yourself: Once your things are all packed, get yourself and any items you’re keeping with you together to get ready for the journey. You’ve got this!

No matter where you’re heading outside of your home state, out of state moving is no small task to take on. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to have an arduous or complicated process ahead of you. Stay organized and plan ahead and your out-of-state move will be simple and straightforward. The best way to do that? Using Ray the Mover’s moving and storage services for all of your long-distance moving needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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